Jun 26 - 28, 2025

2025 Summer Spartan Death Race

Jun 26

Summer Spartan Death Race

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Are you ready to test your limits and embrace the extraordinary? The Summer Death Race is the pinnacle of endurance, pushing participants to their physical and mental boundaries. Taking place from June 26-28, 2025, in the rugged terrain of Pittsfield, Vermont, this event is not for the faint-hearted.

Event Overview:

Duration: 72 hours of relentless challenges
Location: Pittsfield, Vermont
Dates: June 26-28, 2025

What to Expect:
The Summer Death Race is designed to break you down and build you back stronger. Participants will face a series of grueling obstacles and unpredictable tasks, requiring unparalleled mental toughness, physical endurance, and relentless determination. From navigating through dense forests and scaling steep mountains to solving complex puzzles and enduring extreme physical tests, every moment will challenge your very essence.

Race Distances

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Racing as a team is the ONLY way to lock in the same start time as your friends, plus you'll unlock major savings. Purchase your tickets together, or use your personalized referral link after purchasing your ticket.
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As a Spartan Race volunteer, you will help our racers and have a unique, behind-the-scenes race experience. Not only that, but volunteering gets you free entry to a race.
Service Member Discount
We are proud to offer up to 25% off to US Military, US Law Enforcement, US Firefighters & First responders (EMT, EMS, Paramedics, Nurses, Hospital Doctors) & US government employees. Verify your affiliation via GOVX to receive discount.
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