The ultimate Spartan test; a soul crushing half marathon with 30 obstacles. You’ll rarely find a Beast on flat ground, so your legs will burn with brutal ascents and descents. The Beast is notorious around the world for its difficulty.

Only battle hardened Spartans dare take on the Beast, along with a few foolhardy first-timers. Complete it solo (half marathoners take note), or with friends or a formal team so you can push each other through the unavoidable moments of self-doubt.

What You’ll

Every Beast medal you earn is worth proudly displaying, and even handing down to your grandchildren. Your Beast medal also comes with a special magnetic wedge that fits together with the Sprint, Super and others to form the coveted Spartan Trifecta.

Spartan Beast finisher t-shirt

Spartan Beast finisher medal, wedge, and lanyard

Hydration and recovery nutrition

Pro photos

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Featured Obstacles
Tyrolean Traverse
Ape Hanger
8’ Wall
+ Many More
The Challenge

You’ll need a decent aerobic base, which means you’re okay running and walking for at least three hours. While you don’t have to run 21K in training, regular long runs are a must. Bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and pushups, and weighted functional training, will prepare your body for the onslaught. Test your nutrition and hydration strategy during training runs.

The Beast is off-road, so you’ll need gear to get you through dirt, water, and mud. Wear a sturdy pair of trail running shoes with good grip. If you’re racing in the cold, you might consider layers or compression for warmth. You’ll have access to regular hydration points at aid stations, but many will carry a pack, vest or belt with fluids and a nutrition stash.


Like all endurance events, a race is as hard as you make it. The 5K Sprint can floor even the best athletes when they push hard enough. That said, the Beast is no joke, even if you’re intending on walking. Make sure you prepare adequately, and you’ll have a blast.

The Beast will present you with Spartan’s heaviest and longest carries, most complex overhead rigs, highest walls, uphill crawls, and more. Tyrolean Traverse will see if you can hang on upside down for an extended period. Twister requires an iron grip with solid technique. The dreaded “Double Sandbag” is possibly Spartan’s hardest obstacle - when you do it, you’ll see why. And Spear Throw isn’t an obstacle you want to fail on a Beast. All of these and more can be completed quickly and efficiently over time with enough experience and practice - that’s why finishing just one Beast is rarely enough for most people!

Definitely. Invite your friends along to race with you, or sign up as a team - but if you’re solo that’s fine too. The Spartan community spans across 50 countries, and when you see someone in the street wearing something Spartan you’ll either nod to each other, or start a conversation. It’s a global movement that you can be proud to be a part of.

Believe us when we say we’ve heard it all before. The biggest challenge you face isn’t what you think it is - it’s getting to the start line. From that point on, your mind and body will get you through the challenge and you’ll be better off for it. 90% of people end up loving the experience, and the majority of folks return time and again. Many make racing Spartan a lifelong commitment, like triathlon, marathon, cycling and other endurance sports.

If you’re in good enough health to do exercise, you’re ready to try Spartan. You don’t have to run the whole way, and failing obstacles isn’t a crime. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so get out there and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely become addicted to this incredible sport.

The standard Spartan Trifecta is earned when anyone finishes a Sprint, Super, and Beast and collects the wedges for all three, which fit magnetically together to form a medal. The Sprint wedge can also be replaced with a Stadion one, and the Beast with an Ultra wedge, creating rarer forms of Trifecta. Many Spartans commit to chase multiple Trifectas in a year. Click here for more information.