building better humans
building better humans
You ARE Ready to Race!

Don’t think you’re in good enough shape to race? Let’s find out. Over 10 million people, of all shapes and sizes, have crossed the finish line. Are you ready to join them and take control of your life?

Mission: Change 100 Million Lives
Mission: Change
100 Million Lives
A Proven Formula

The Spartan philosophy is guaranteed. When you have a date on the calendar, you put in the work every single time. Pick a date and everything else will fall into place.

Get Mentally Tough

Every single time you do something hard, your brain adapts, and you’re better able to take on hard challenges. You become ready for anything. Indestructible. Unbreakable.

you’re one of us
you’re one
of us
An Unmatched Community

Our community is unlike any other on the planet. It's made up of millions of people who want to see you succeed, grow, and reach your goals. Surround yourself with fellow Spartans, and achieve things you didn’t believe were possible.

Start Your Transformation
Start Your
Don't Wait. Commit Now.

Take that first step and transform your life. Check out the schedule below, find an event near you, sign up, and begin the journey to a new you.

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