Spartan Trifecta World Championship 2022: the most waited event of the year.

Spartan Race is back in Sparta hosting The Trifecta World Championship.

Sparta - Greece, November 4, 2022

After a 3 years wait, the Spartan Trifecta World Championship is back in Sparta bigger than ever!

What’s NEW in the 2022 edition:

  • For the first time ever, the Spartan TWC World Championship will host a 3 days event: on Friday the Sprint race, on Saturday the Super race, on Sunday it will conclude with the 21 km Beast race and the selection of the new world champion for 2022.

  • On Sunday November 7th, everyone who worked tirelessly, every season since 2010 for the most coveted medal in obstacle course racing - the Trifecta, will be awarded with the launch of the NEW Lifetime Trifecta Program. Everyone with 2+ Trifectas will receive the Glory they deserve.

  • The official Wall of Honor in Sparta, located at the entrance of the Start Area, will display forever that Glory.

  • Finish Line is inside the Stadium for a more and more impactful atmosphere.

Technical Information:

  • Sprint: DISTANCE 6,57k - GAIN/ELEVATION 144M

  • Super: DISTANCE 11,2k - GAIN/ELEVATION 239M

  • Beast: DISTANCE 22,5k - GAIN/ELEVATION 827M

Spartan Trifecta World Championship in numbers:

  • 3 days event

  • 3,000 athletes 

  • from 78 countries from all over the world

  • Sold Out claimed approx 1 month before the event. 

The press conference guested as protagonists:

  • Mr. Petros DOUKAS - Major of Sparti

  • Matt Brooke - Spartan Europe Director

  • Richard Hynek - Spartan Elite Athlete

  • Hartley Mahfood - Spartan Age Group and Trifecta Athlete

  • Rose Wetzel - Spartan Elite Athlete

  • John De Haan - Spartan Para Athlete

The event opened Thursday, November 3 with the Opening Ceremony and Parade of Nations representing the International atmosphere of the event itself.

Sparta has the privilege to host the Trifecta World Championship since 2018 and crown the New World Champions. 

Everyone is a Trifecta World Champion in Sparta.

This Race is exclusive to members of the coveted TRIFECTA Tribe. Only those Spartans who have earned it will stand on the starting line and race before the statue of King Leonidas. Participation in the Trifecta World Championship is underqualification.

While the 2022 event is sold out, registrations for the 2023 event are open.

For further details, information, accommodation through Nirvana - the official Spartan Travel partner - and Registrations please visit




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