In conversation with Sabaton

Join an epic Burpees challenge.

It’s well known, Spartan is not only a sport, it’s a discipline that challenges you to push your limits and overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

Spartan connects a whole community of people, in which everyone is different from  one another, but all are unified by their common goal: to cross the finish line no matter what.

Today we present to you a special guest that is part of the Spartan community and is the creator  of one of the most epic burpees challenges we’ve ever launched: Sabaton, the Swedish heavy metal band who’s currently  traveling the world on  their The Tour To End All Tours

Let’s dive into some pieces of history through this special interview with Pär - founding member and bass player of Sabaton.

One of your coolest t-shirts celebrates Sparta and its warriors. Why do you feel so connected to the ancient Greek Spartans?

“Everything about Ancient Greece fascinates us, we have deep respect for the Spartans and what they stood for. The resilience and unquestionable bravery it took to protect their motherland in the Battle of Thermopylae is inspiring. They relied on weight, formations, and most importantly, trust in each other”. 

And this is the same reason why Spartan finds its roots back in Sparta every year -  at  the Spartan Trifecta World Championships which takes place to bring together the Community from all over the world. This year on 4-6th November 2022.

Is this also a reason why you are so close to the current Spartan Lifestyle?

“I always get excited when someone says ‘you cannot do it’. I enjoy proving how wrong people are, by overcoming overwhelming odds. This is something I have been doing throughout my whole life and that’s one of the biggest driving forces behind Sabaton”.

We are launching an epic Burpees challenge on September 29th inviting all the Spartans of Europe to complete as many burpees as possible to the track of “Soldier of Heaven”, one of Sabaton’s most successful songs. The most resilient Spartans will win amazing prizes (scroll down to discover more 👇​). 

Watch the #Spartan4Sabaton Burpees challenge video.

What’s the core of this song?

Soldier of Heaven is an ode to the soldiers of World War I who froze to death in the Alps while fighting the conflict called ‘The White War’. The weather conditions they had to endure were unimaginable and the majority came to death because they were not equipped to deal with the hostile environment. These brave men who died for their country were the inspiration for this song!”

The balance between passion and history within the lyrics as well as the catchy music makes this song an inspiration for everyone who wants to take on challenges finding the right motivation to overcome their physical and mental exhaustion. 

What’s your message to the Spartans?

“It’s not just about the physical side of things. It’s also about mindset, determination and the hunger for success. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Accept the Sabaton Burpees Challenge: how to join and win exciting awards.

  1. Prepare your video camera.

  2. Play "Soldier of Heaven".

  3. Start your burpees

  4. Share your video in Instagram and tag @SpartanRaceEurope and @SabatonOfficial

  5. Include the #hashtag #Spartan4Sabaton

  6. by October 13, 2022

5 lucky people will be randomly selected to win

  1. The special Sparta t-shirt by Sabaton

  2. 1 Free ticket to join the Sabaton’s “The Tour To End All Tours” in Europe (location at choice of the winner)

  3. 1 Free ticket to a Spartan Race in Europe in 2023 (Ticket valid on all formats, open category only, for a race in 2023 in: Austria, Andorra, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK). 

As for Pär’s legacy: hard work and a clear goal is exactly what we need to reach what we want. 

Good luck! 


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