Participating in a Spartan Race: Top 10 Benefits For the Body & Mind

Your health and physical condition is the result of all the choices you make every day. The muscles, brain, bones and nerves of the human body evolve according to the activities you do…and also the challenges you set. When you decide to run a Spartan Race, you necessarily make the choice of a healthier life to be at the top of your form on the D-day, it’s all good for the body and the mind! THE PROOF IN 10 POINTS:

  1. What better than Spartan to do a little health check-up? Spartan obstacles involve every movement in your body as you need to run, crawl, climb, pull, push, carry, throw… Your performance in these events reflects your overall fitness. It’s a good opportunity to do a real routine check-up to see if everything is working!

  2. The guarantee of a better sleep It’s proven: the more you do sport exercise, the better you sleep. Have you noticed that your sleep is better during your weeks of preparation and the days following your race? That’s normal. The more you work your body, the more rest it needs. You fall asleep faster, your sleep is more restful and you wake up feeling great.

  3. More Spartan = more physical activity = less risk of disease Anyone can run a Spartan Race, from the great athletes to the weekend warriors. But this race is so demanding that it can quickly turn a lazy person into a real war machine! As you experience more and more, you want to do better, you prepare yourself more and therefore you increase your physical activity. Your muscles, your breath, your joints are kept in good condition, which reduces the risk of getting sick.

  4. Spartan Race is good for the mind A race like this puts you to test yourself : you have to persevere in spite of the problems and difficulties you encounter on your way. When you reach the end, you feel an immense pride that can only make you feel good. Your finisher’s medal is not only a proof of your physical performance, it is also a symbol of your determination and your courage: at each finish line you cross, you feel a little stronger and your mental strength increases.

  5. Natural landscapes full of serenity On most Spartan Races, you are in the middle of nature and you faced the elements. Forests, waterfalls, fields, rivers, snow-capped mountains… The landscapes that surround you give you a feeling of well-being that reduces your stress. You get a good view, you fill up with fresh air and you feel much more serene.

  6. An effective remedy for boredom If you’re bored, you need a new challenge. Get out of your comfort zone! If you settle for the minimum, you will end up sad and depressed. By participating in a Spartan Race you spice up your daily life, your goals take you out of your routine… You can’t get bored!

  7. Spartan improves coordination, balance, strength and endurance Spartan obstacles are designed to challenge you and all of your physical skills are used on the course. Balance is as necessary as endurance, strength is as important as agility, memory counts as much as flexibility… It doesn’t get much more complete than that.

  8. A good amount of joy As with any physical effort, you feel pleasure when you do your race. But the screams of happiness, laughter and smiles you see at the finish line of a Spartan Race show just how much joy the experience can bring you. Post-race satisfaction fills your body, mind and soul, there is no greater joy than being a Spartan!

  9. Self-confidence multiplied Regular exercise makes you feel better about yourself, increases your self-esteem, and gives you more confidence in your abilities and physical appearance. You are a Spartan, and you are proud of it!

  10. The birth of new project Immediately after running your first Spartan Race, you need to set yourself a new challenge. You become a Spartan addict and you can’t wait to do it again, to get better, to push yourself even more! That’s how you’ll be able to progress to the next level. Never lose sight of your goals, face the difficulty, go beyond your limits: your body and mind will thank you. AROO !

Pick a date. Commitment is the first step to training. 


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