Discover the benefits of switching to a non-alcoholic beer
by Spartan Editors in partnership with the Athletic Brewing Company • Aug 7th, 2023

Spartans who stand by the ethos of grit, determination, and perseverance take their nutrition seriously. Everything you put into your body either contributes toward your fitness goals, or deters from them. 

And while Spartans aren't binge drinkers, or even regular drinkers, it's crucial to study up on the negative effects alcohol can have on training and performance, because even one beer can set you back.

Drinking alcohol — both frequently and infrequently — can derail your training efforts. In addition to delayed recovery times and reduced muscle-protein synthesis, alcohol impairs your mental acuity, disturbs your sleep, and messes with your metabolism, among a plethora of other negative side effects.

Boozing while training often causes heavy inflammation and produces a lethargic attitude which won’t get you far, says Spartan CEO Joe De Sena. “You tend to recover slower, and make stupid choices when it comes to your training commitments,” he says. In short, drink less to make this your power Summer.

Here are five reasons to consider going alcohol free

1. It can help to improve your quality of sleep

2. Will lower your general calorie intake

3. May help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

4. Aid your hydration whilst training and in post-race recovery

5. There's a wide variety of flavours to suit all and they taste great!

Athletic Brewing beer will be available at all Spartan UK races, be sure to grab one when you cross the finish line and celebrate your achievement.

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