Kit Bag Essentials

Are you race day ready?

After weeks of training to ensure you’re in tip top condition to smash your race it's important to make sure you've got all you need on race day. With the help of our partners, we've pulled together a list of race day running essentials for your kit bag.

We Spartans put our bodies through some tough sh*t, it’s therefore important our kit is as resilient as we are. Here's our top five pieces of kit we know won't let you down.

1. Spartan Built for Athletes Back Pack

A must for all Spartan athletes, the limited edition Built for Athletes 45L backpack features custom Spartan patches, multiple compartments, pouches and zip pockets - making it ideal for carrying all you need on race day. 

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2. Myzone Heart Rate Monitor

Myzone can support you in your training; monitoring and tracking, making sure you train to your absolute best. As a member of the Spartan community, you can purchase Myzone products at a discounted rate. Buy now and unlock your discount using code: SPRUK001

3. Running Kit

A favourite among Spartans is the Craft range of running apparel.

The Craft Trail Elite shoe for men and women, designed for elite athletes, this premium running shoe is engineered for speed while maintaining the same stability and features needed for conquering obstacles and trails.

Team with a Pro Hypervent SS Tee and the Pro Hypervent Short Tights. All technically designed for athletes, durable and breathable. Check out these and more quality running products offered by our official apparel partner Craft.  

Get 30% discount on their range of running apparel using code: #SPARTAN30%OFFCRAFT

4. Red Pro Change Robe Evo

All you need to stay dry and warm on race day.

The Spartan RED Pro Change Robe Evo is ideal for colder race seasons or warming up after any activity. It’s easily compressed, bulk-free and fits into a handy stash bag. 

Find out more and purchase visit the merch tent on site at your next race.

5. Snacks and Hydration

Need a pre-race boost then pack a C4 pre-workout shot.

Ensure you have a bottle of water you can refill throughout the day.

or pack yourself a supply of Actiph spring water with a unique blend of electrolytes or a delicious and nutritious Happy Monkey Smoothies  for the kids.

Wild West Jerky is a low fat snack, high in protein which helps your muscles repair after a race. Plus, you don’t need to refrigerate it so you can store it easily in your kit bag or in the car for the journey home.

My Protein Impact bars are a quick and easy, grab-and-go snack to give you a protein kick in between meals. Get ready to experience a brownie like no other. Baked with a mighty 23g of protein, and sweet chocolate chunks. It's a protein-packed delight that will leave you craving more. Seriously satisfying, this pocket-sized protein snack is perfect for your post race recovery.

Don't worry, if you do forget something, you can always pick it up in our well-stocked, on site merch tent.

See you on the start line!

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