Richard Hynek: from Championship to Championship.

Richard Hynek – Will the Czech Elite Athlete his title at the Trifecta World Championship?

It's well known, in Sparta everybody racing the Trifecta World Championship is a Champion themselves as soon as they overcome the finish line.

We still remember the moment when Richard Hynek crossed the finish line in Sparta on November 3rd 2019 and was crowned Champion of the Champions, as the first one who jumped the fire in front of the Leonidas Statue.

His deeds don't end here. Last October 8th 2022 he was crowned new European Champion, competing the London South East Beast race with the best athletes of Europe.

The next stop for the 24-year-old athlete from Moravan is back in Sparta, from November 4th to 6th competing again the Trifecta World Championship . The first event after 2019 and the most awaited championship of all.

Obviously, Richard's goal for this race is no other than the First place, retaining the World Champion title he has held since 2019.

Will be able to save his title against the ?

It will certainly be a difficult task considering the strong athletes coming from all over the world who compete for the same title, but Richard's achievements during the past 3 years and so far are also significant and noteworthy.

A piece of his history.

Born in September 1998, Richard started his journey in Spartan and Obstacle Racing in 2015. From 2016 he started racing the Beast distance, conquering 25 Beast medals winning 12 out of it.

Only 2022 he has raced 5 Beast winning them all and showing an excellent shape.

We all know that the World Champion who will be crowned in Sparta will have to achieve the best time in all three races, not just the Beast race.

We can't wait to see him racing:

Will he beat his record from 2019 with 4 hours, 2 minutes and 37 seconds collected at the Sprint, Super and Beast Trifecta World Championship?

The answer will be given in Sparta, November 4-6, 2022 and live on the Spartan Europe YouTube Channel, streaming of the Beast on Sunday the 6th. Follow us to learn more.

Richard Hynek – Ο Τσέχος μαέστρος της Σπάρτης είναι και φέτος εδώ για να διατηρήσει τον τίτλο του.

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