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Spartan Training® Plans

Designed to get you Spartan Strong

Fitness is a journey. If you commit to Spartan Fitness Training, we'll be with you every step of the way - no matter your desired path.

30-Day Race Prep Training

This 30-day workout program is designed to get you to the finish line whether you are looking to improve your time or increase your confidence on the course. The plan includes:

  • Spartan In Training T-shirt
  • Private Facebook group to interact directly with Spartan Coaches
  • Pre-program fitness assessment
  • Daily workouts delivered to your email
  • Instructional videos to help you conquer Spartan obstacles
  • Pre-recorded webinars with your Spartan Coach to get you race ready

"This was a great way to prepare for my first race. Loved the direct access to the coaches."

Barbara M.


We’ll keep this simple. Maybe you’re transitioning to a Spartan Race from another sport. Maybe you’re straight off the couch. Either way, the Spartan Sprint training plan offers you the exact training you need to finish your first Spartan event. This is a 5-week plan. No fluff. No nonsense. Just follow our lead and you’ll develop the confidence and capabilities to tackle the challenges we’ll throw at you during your first Spartan Sprint. Don’t make excuses. Simply try your best each day and never give up. It’s that simple. You got this.

Bodyweight Training Plan

You want to look your absolute best - right? Don't we all? More importantly, who doesn’t want to feel their best all the time? That's right...we thought so. That’s exactly why we developed the Spartan Bodyweight Workout Program. No weights. No machines. No fancy workout bands or bouncy balls required. Just you, your body and a commitment that you're willing to put in the effort. The Spartan Bodyweight Workout Program consists of three bodyweight workouts that target strength, athleticism, and endurance. Are you willing to give it your best shot?


Do yourself a favor and get ready to conquer any obstacle we throw at you on course. We love burpees, but we know you want to stay out of the penalty pit and keep moving toward the finish line. Consider this a burpee avoidance manual; a survival guide. You're welcome! We break down the fundamentals needed to crush any of our Signature Spartan Obstacles. The Obstacle Training Plan will help you build upper body strength, grip resilience, balance and leg power. We can’t do the obstacles for you, but we are happy to show you the way through them. Just follow our lead and keep pushing harder.


Our Spartan Mountain Series training program is designed to introduce Spartans of all skill levels to the proper training needed to get up, down and through whatever each Mountain Series race throws at you. Your legs will be tested, your grip will grow stronger, and just when you think you can’t quite make it up any higher, your body will shut your mind off and continue trekking. Over the next four weeks, you will maximize your leg strength, while also growing your upper body strength to help you to overcome the most signature of Spartan obstacles. With the addition of mountain-specific cardio workouts, you are sure to be completely prepared for the steepest of climbs.


You may be asking yourself, "How do I get into great shape as fast as possible? What's the best time to start your fitness training plan? How do I train for my next adventure?" These are great questions. The good news is that the no-BS answer to your fitness training questions is remarkably simple. Cut out all the BS. Whether you have one month before a 5k or a 50-mile ultra, or to look good at the beach - get started here. You don't need to spend a fortune on a gym membership or a home training center. Grab your favorite pair of running shoes, a bar you can do pull-ups from, and a patch of floor or ground. All the other bells and whistles may be the distractions you want to avoid!

Spartan Kids Training Plan

We're dedicated to helping kids get fit for everyday life, not just the next race. We're training the next generation to be healthier than their parents. That's why we developed the Spartan Kids Fitness Training Plan. This is not just about running faster or jumping higher. Kids will improve their overall mental and physical fitness through a specially designed program, that'll teach them technique and discipline. Our goal is to develop Spartan Strong Kids, with lower risks of depression and improved classroom performance. They can do this program at their own pace, with the encouragement of their parents. We won't promise it's going to be easy - they'll have to earn it. We know they're up for the challenge!


Whether you're training for a Spartan Race or simply want to work on your strength, endurance, and athleticism, the Daily Burn Spartan training program is for you. This six-session program from Daily Burn is based on Spartan SGX training and is designed to help athletes at any level conquer the obstacles of a Spartan Race. You'll fight your way through workouts focused on total-body conditioning, crab walks, burpees and more. Your coach is one of the original Spartan Race athletes, Kevin Donoghue, who's completed over 100 races.

Nutrition Plan from Spartan Training®

It’s simple, but often overwhelming in our modern world. Where does one start? Start with this one week Spartan meal plan. It will change your perspective just as much as it changes your routine. Breaking your routine is the first step in starting a new habit. This week will grant you an insight into a whole new way of eating that you can practice throughout 2020 so you can have your fittest year yet. We tell you exactly what you need to put on your shopping list, exactly how to prepare your meals, and the exact nutritional content you are getting from them. Just follow our lead.