Introducing Spartan Edge


Most children in industrialized countries lack the resilience and grit to achieve difficult goals. At Spartan, we call this a lack of Obstacle Immunity. Along with top researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and other leading institutions, we believe this is a serious problem.

To address the problem, we spent the past six years conducting one of the largest informal studies of grit and resilience. In our observations of 15 million people across 30 countries, we have found that, when adults and children leave their comfort zones and relearn grit and resiliency, they feel good about themselves, change their frames of reference and begin to achieve things they never thought possible at work, at school and at home.

To apply these findings to the education of young people, we have created Spartan Edge; a comprehensive Educator Certification System and Summer Camp Program.

Spartan Edge partners with institutions to bring resilience to the classroom. First, it provides educators with 10 educational modules that they can deliver in a classroom setting. Through these modules and webinars, educators learn how to incorporate topics such as grit and resilience into their curricula. The Spartan Edge Educator Certification system culminates in a two-day, guided workshop to put these lessons into action. Below is a link that outlines the program further and provides case studies and feedback from a few of the kids in the program.

Grit and resiliency don’t take the summer off, and neither should kids. In our summer camp program, children around the world enjoy a week of education, fun, and physical activity based on the 10 modules of Spartan Edge. Campers learn grit, resilience, and teamwork by overcoming challenging obstacles in a natural environment.

  • We license to you the rights to use Spartan Edge
  • Councelors trained by our staff
  • Manual provided with day-to-day, hour-to-hour details, including activities and games, and recreational exercise designed by Spartan SGX Coaches
  • Week long or can be tailored to your needs
  • Ages 6-16

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Participants in Spartan Edge programs have provided substantial positive feedback:

From the Kids:
“Counting to 100 is hard because I won’t be able to do it until I am a grown-up, but I will keep practicing.”
— (tenacity) Henrik, 4 years old

“Stamina means you have to be patient, and I have to be patient when I have to help set up the room for lunch.”
— (stamina) Emory, 6 years old

“I am powerful and strong because I did an obstacle course race at my church. It was a little scary and dangerous, but I had fun.”
— (power) Sierra, 6 years old

From the Parents:
“[My son] has thrived since starting preschool. His body craves and seeks movement. His social and speech language skills, [with] which he had previous delays, have skyrocketed.  He seems to have more confidence in himself and has reduced anxiety.”
— Lindsay (Mom)

“The influence Spartan has had on me and my family has been life-changing. […] Complaining, weakness of will, and short-changing myself went out the door and were replaced with courage, tenacity and determination. […] My son began to take on the same can-do, I’m powerful, ‘let’s do this’ attitude he was seeing in mommy.”
— Kelly (Mom)

A sample of schools implementing Spartan Edge Principles:

  • The Clarksburg Children’s House
  • Jersey City Public Schools
  • Irvington High School
  • Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid


Contact Diane Stokes at if you would like us to bring resilience to a school or camp near you.