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90 minutes of bodyweight training that will challenge your mind and sculpt your body. Spartan coaches cater to all levels of fitness, so there are no excuses.

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Whether you're training for a Spartan race, or looking to break out of a training rut with something new, the Spartan Workout Tour is the perfect new challenge. And it's FREE! A Certified Spartan SGX Coach leads a 90-minute bodyweight session that will push your mind, while training and sculpting your body. The workouts are catered to all levels of fitness, so there's something for everyone - no excuses. Find one near you.

2020 Workout Tour Schedule

Spartan Workout Of The Day

Week 1: Hercules Hoist Training

The Hercules Hoist isn’t going anywhere in 2020. Get ready for it by doing the following week...

Week 2: Bucket Brigade Training

A gravel filled 5-gallon bucket that must be carried 200-to-400 meters in a Spartan Race, often...

Week 3: Atlas Carry Training

Shout out to our Spartan fitness influencer Jess Glazer who shows us...

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