Spartan Strong at Life Time Fitness

Spartan Strong brings the authentic spirit of Spartan Race to group fitness.

Spartan Strong challenges the body and mind, helping individuals conquer life’s everyday challenges. This variable intensity hour-long experience will push you and unleash your inner Spartan by increasing strength, endurance and mobility through a combination of bodyweight moves, dynamic stretching and cardio-focused drills using the Spartan Pancake sandbag.

The program is a Featured Format Class at Life Time Athletic Centers and can be found at a growing number of other gyms and studios. You can also sign up for a Spartan Strong Workout Tour date to get a taste of the studio class experience.

Got what it takes to become a Spartan Strong Instructor? Learn how to teach the Spartan Strong group fitness class at your gym or studio by taking our live 1-day instructor training. Leave your email to be notified about the new online Spartan Strong training.