Atlas Carry


You are going to want to get real low to the ground to grab that stone, so hopefully your squat form is impeccable. You are going to pick up the stone, carry it to the other flag, do five burpees and come back. Keep a flat back as you pick up and lower the stone, and move quickly. Don’t cheat on those burpees either, chest to grass and feet off the ground for it to count.

Racer Instructions:

  • Pickup the stone at start flag.
  • Carry it to the opposite flag
  • Put stone down
  • Do 5 Burpees
  • Return Stone to Starting flag

Failure Modes:

  • Anyone not able to move the “stones” to opposite flag and back to start flag.
  • Elite racers that help each other.
  • Anyone who doesn’t complete 5 correct burpees.

Failure Penalty:

  • 30 Burpees