Monkey Bars Training

Monkey Bars

Percentage that Burpee: 42%

Skills needed:

  1. Grip Strength
  2. Core Strength
  3. Coordination and Agility

Muscles worked:

  1. Wrist flexors and fingers
  2. Lats, rhomboids, and scapular stabilizers
  3. Core
  4. Hips

Most Important Exercises:

  1. Pull Ups/Dead Hangs/Scapular Pull Ups
  2. Body Rows
  3. Bear Crawls
  4. Band Pull Aparts
  5. Hollow Holds

Tips for Success:

At the race, always grip the monkey bars tight and attempt to reduce the sway of the body, especially side-to-side. Any uncontrolled swaying adds considerable fatigue into the grip while, at the same time, increasing your risk of shoulder injury. In addition, if you have not practiced on Monkey Bars or haven’t been on them in a few decades, do not try and be the Tarzan you maybe once were. Bend the arms and take the bars one at a time!