24 Hour Hurricane Heat (HH24HR)

Where the HH emphasizes the Warrior’s Ethos and teamwork to finish and find success, the HH24HR seamlessly interweaves elements of individual competition against the clock and other participants within the challenges that require teamwork and synergy.

An element of natural evolution, a program designed to continue to challenge Spartans to exceed expectations, and as a natural progression toward achieving the Spartan Agoge, the HH24HR is the next level after the HH12HR on the Spartan journey. Participants are required to be self-supported for the duration of the event. There is absolutely no outside assistance, no support team, no crew. To accomplish this, it is recommended that each participant carry a large ruck/backpack of a minimum 21L, a 2-3L Hydration Unit, and whatever food you think you need to survive 24 hours of team based and individual based challenges. Participants should expect a gear list that must be acquired before the event. You will receive an email that will include the mandatory gear and equipment specific to your event. Each HH24HR event will be unique and as such, each event will require very specific gear lists, these items will be useful at some point on your journey through 24 hours, it is up to you to make strategic use of the required gear list.

In this phase of your 1,000 mile journey are the lessons of actions/consequences, personal accountability, perseverance, and dedication. You’ve mastered initiative. Now it’s time to master follow through and commitment.

STFU and welcome to the HH24HR.

What you will need for the HH24HR

You will need to be able to perform, self supported, for the duration of the event. We recommend a large ruck (military based backpack at least 21L in size), a 2-3L Hydration Unit, and whatever food you’ll need to survive 24 hours of pushing yourself beyond your limits. Note: More required gear will be emailed to you in the week or two prior to the event.

Finishers will receive a unique HH24HR T-shirt, as well as a one-of-a-kind HH24HR Finishers Patch to display proudly on your ruck or Tac-Hat.