The Three Paths to a Spartan DELTA

By: David DeLuca

To complete a Spartan DELTA takes total resilience: an unbreakable body, an unshakable mind, and a spirit forged in steel. How will you complete your journey?

Building Your DELTA

The Spartan DELTA is a pyramid composed of three magnetized stainless-steel plates called Circuits. Each Circuit holds one complete TRIFECTA and three Spartan icons. The Perfect DELTA, which we discuss below, contains three unique Circuits that together represent the full gamut of Spartan resilience.

The Foundation

Every Spartan DELTA is founded on a solid commitment. In the same way, a Foundation Stone represents the commitment that grounds the three Circuits of your Spartan DELTA. The Foundation Stone is inscribed with the three domains of Spartan resilience: body, mind and spirit. Total commitment is the only true starting point.


This year, we introduce two new ways to earn a TRIFECTA. In addition to the standard Racing TRIFECTA (Sprint, Super, and Beast), Spartans can earn an Endurance TRIFECTA or a Training TRIFECTA.

To earn an Endurance TRIFECTA, Spartans must complete a Hurricane Heat, a Hurricane Heat 12-Hour, and an Ultra Beast. Starting this year, finishers of these events will receive Endurance TRIFECTA medals.

To earn a Training TRIFECTA, Spartans must commit to sharpening their minds in three rigorous Spartan rites of passage: an SGX class, completion of SPARTAN X The Course, and a complete Agoge. Those who finish these events will receive unique pie-piece medals to build a Training TRIFECTA.

How will you commit to the Spartan DELTA?

-1- The Perfect DELTA

A Perfect DELTA takes total resilience in mind, body, and spirit: it showcases every aspect of Spartan achievement with one Racing TRIFECTA (Sprint, Super, and Beast), one Endurance TRIFECTA (HH, HH12, and Ultra Beast), and one Training TRIFECTA (an SGX class, SPARTAN X Completion, and Agoge). It may take a Spartan years to complete a Perfect DELTA, but those who are driven may be able to complete it in one…

Spartans who complete a Perfect DELTA set themselves apart in the Spartan Community. They become leaders, models, teachers — and masters of themselves.

-2- The Triple TRIFECTA (3T) DELTA

The Triple TRIFECTA DELTA takes steadfast commitment to the Spartan community and a spirit of fire. It is made of three complete Racing TRIFECTAs and nine unique Spartan icons. The Triple TRIFECTA DELTA offers Spartans more flexibility than any other DELTA, but it takes a commitment just as strong.

-3- The Masters in Endurance (M.End.) DELTA

For Spartans who want to take on more pressure than most people think is bearable, we have created the Masters in Endurance (M.End.) DELTA, a DELTA composed of three Endurance TRIFECTAs from any region. All three Endurance TRIFECTAs must be earned in the same year.

The Masters in Endurance DELTA is so named because it takes an unbreakable mind. People who complete it earn a badge of honor that speaks more deeply to their character than any academic degree. If you are prone to self-doubt or otherwise mentally unprepared for endurance events, you should not pursue a Masters in Endurance DELTA.

The Spartan DELTA Icons

No DELTA is complete without nine Spartan DELTA icons. Why? Because an odyssey without a record is just a legend.

Starting later in the racing season, every venue will offer the opportunity to its unique accomplishment in an etched steel Spartan DELTA icon. In the three corners of each Circuit of the DELTA are three inlaid spaces to hold three Spartan icons.

Where will your DELTA take you?

There are three paths to the Spartan DELTA. Where does yours lead? What combination of challenges will you take on?