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The Spartan Up Podcast is your partner in resilience training for mind and body. With new episodes almost every day of the week to keep you on track, we’re here for you.

Our flagship show is an interview series hosted by Joe De sena, founder and CEO of Spartan and NY Times best-selling author. Joe and his team travel the world chasing down the secrets to success in all aspects of life interviewing successful athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, professors, monks, moms and adventurers who can shed light on what it takes to get to the top and stay there.

MONDAYS - Take a stand - for yourself, your success, your mission on Spartan STAND with Brian “Tosh” Chontosh
TUESDAYS - Learn from Spartan founder Joe De Sena and his team as they interview epic people living Spartan lives on Spartan UP.
WEDNESDAYS - Check your mind, short tips with Spartan's chief mind doc. Dr. L on Spartan MIND.
THURSDAYS - Get one actionable tip in 5 minutes or less to live life the the SPartan WAY with host Zach Even-Esh.
FRIDAYS - Training, racing, and recovery tips from Spartan athletes on Spartan ATHLETE with Kevin Gillotti.
SUNDAYS - Science based holistic health topics you can use with Dr. Nada on Spartan HEALTH.