010: Kyle Dake: NCAA Champ and 2016 Olympic Wrestling Hopeful


Four time NCAA wrestling champion Kyle Dake’s parents raised him in a nurturing environment that would pave the way for his success. Yet this never meant that he could bypass the hard work. Every day, and he’s in the gym just about every day, Dake pushes the wall back a little further, extending how far he can go without breaking. As a result, he has complete faith in his invincibility. He doesn’t believe in losing. He wants to be the best, and, more importantly, he knows the way there.


  1. Actions speak!  If you want to be great commit to it and do the things you need to do to be successful.
  2. Be positive!  You can always take something away something positive from an experience.
  3. You can only lose when you quit.

Panel Notes:

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