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“As the leading endurance company and a catalyst for transformation, Spartan believes it is important to shine a light on one of the most significant business and societal issues of our time: Improving employee health, fitness and resiliency in the workplace”.
- Joe De Sena CEO & Founder Spartan

At Spartan we have built and developed teams and changed lives globally for more than 10 years. Millions have run our races and grown stronger by embracing Spartan’s proven philosophy of learning how to overcome obstacles on the course and in life.

Whether you are a Team Captain, HR Professional or C-Level Executive responsible for employee performance, engagement or company culture, we have a suite of Spartan wellness products and team building activities that can be customized to fit your companies goals, timelines and budgets.

Spartan Resiliency Coaching

Spartan Resiliency opens a path to performance. Spartan’s powerful consumer brand and authenticity answer a clarion call from the market to focus on resiliency – making teams and individuals stronger and better able to cope with life challenges we all face. When you bring an on-site resiliency coach to your workplace, you have a partner who educates employees within certain Spartan principles. Your employees will have a set of modules available, which can be delivered directly to employees within company walls. Resiliency coaches focus first and foremost on conditioning the whole body, mind, and spirit.


Companies around the world are facing a crisis in corporate culture and employee engagement, creating a need to instill more resiliency in their workforce. As a leader in changing lives through resilience, Spartan has joined forces with leading companies and inspirational speakers around the world to make an impact in employee performance, attitude, and well-being.

SpartanX Leadership Series is where Ted Talks meets Spartan and culminates in unique team building activities that introduces your employees to The Spartan Way.

The Leadership X Series features speakers offering honest perspective and stories of inspiration. Everyone will leave with unshakable confidence, steadfast grit, and a better understanding of themselves and what it takes for their team to win.


The SpartanFit Corporate Challenge App encourages all employees to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through participating in an inclusive company-wide 30-day health challenge. Employees will share their healthy habits and have the ability to earn prizes. The app is designed to build employee health, work-place engagement and team-work through a variety of themed challenges. SpartanFit Challenge App is an easy-to-use mobile option that integrates elements of personalization, social sharing and gamification combined with hundreds of Spartan videos and tips on mind, body, and nutrition; carefully curated from years of learning.


Founder & CEO of Spartan and NY Times best-selling author, Joe De Sena, travels the globe giving one-day GRIT immersive talks with curated workouts and take home toolkits. Joe has spoken at large corporations such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pepperidge Farms, Reebok, Harvard Business School, among others. Joe’s stories will shift your thinking, make you laugh and give you the tools you need to overcome obstacles, both in the workplace and in everyday life. In addition and through our strategic relationships, Spartan has access to a large network of motivational speakers in the health and wellness space and will work to identify the most suitable speakers for your corporate events.


Get your team out of the office! Spartan will build a customized employee and corporate engagement program which will continuously work to enhance work/life balance and reinforce the basic principles of your wellness initiatives for all employees.

Bring your managers, employees, customers, and partners at all levels together through building a Spartan corporate team. Training and racing together creates bonds and new relationships through a shared experience, adding resiliency, and improving team communications. Spartan Corporate Team building is an innovative way to entertain employees and clients while getting to know each other outside of the office.

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