Palm Beaches, FL | OCTOBER 17, 2020

North American (Nor Am) Championships, Palm Beaches, FL

Qualify for 2020 Nor Am Championships by placing top ten in a 2020 Spartan Kids male or female Competitive Two Mile in the U.S, Canada, or Mexico; all 2019 Kids World Championship participants from the U.S, Canada, and Mexico will also receive an invite to Nor AM Championships

World Championships

Qualifications into the Kids World Championships will consist of the top 25 placements within each competitive category at Nor Am Championships. A secondary qualification will be sent to individuals not previously qualified that accumulate 10 points in their respective competitive division.


Ready to earn your spot at the Spartan Kids World Championships? Here’s how to qualify:

  • First, compete in a Kids Competitive Heat (offered at select venues) from Dec 7th 2019 up until Kids World Championship 2020.
  • Qualifications into the Kids World Championships will consist of the top 25 placements within each competitive category at Kids North American Championships, or by earning 10 points throughout the season
  • *Secondary qualification requirements will vary by country.

Additionally, there will be Open Kids heats during the Kid’s World Championship weekend. You do not need to qualify for the Open heats. All are welcome to sign up and join in on the fun.


Become the youngest member of the Trifecta Tribe with the Spartan Kids Trifecta. All it takes is three courses and the drive to make it across the finish line.

For every three courses a Spartan Kid completes, they will earn a special Kids Trifecta medal commemorating their achievements. Any completed course regardless of race venue, age or course distance may count towards a Kids Trifecta. All three Kids courses must be completed within a single calendar year. You could even register three times at one venue and earn the Kids Trifecta!

Want to save on a Kids Trifecta? Pick up the Kids Trifecta Pass for three race codes.


Have your kids set goals and conquer them with the free Spartan Kids Training Program.

Kids will learn how to do jump squats, bear crawls, burpees and more. But the lessons don’t stop after the workout ends. They’ll learn how to set a routine, commit to a goal, face obstacles and more. This isn’t just insight on how to crush a course. It’s essential knowledge that will last your kid a lifetime.

Whether your kid dreams of becoming a Spartan Pro, or just wants to get up and move, they’ll find their stride with the Kids Training Program.